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Case 17338

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Dental implants

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45-48, 35-38

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Canaray 17338

Evaluation of mandibular implants sites

Adequate bone exists for implant placement at site 45. Marginal bone levels are present at sites 35 and 48. Inadequate bone exists for implant placement at sites 36, 37, 38, 46, and 47.

1. External resorption to pulp level on tooth 45B

The external resorption that is present on the buccal surface of the root of tooth 45 has extended to the depth of the pulp chamber. The periapical periodontal ligament space exhibits slight widening.

2. Broad zone of buccal bone loss at teeth 16 and 17

The buccal surface of the maxillary alveolar process has been lost adjacent to the buccal roots of teeth 16 and 17.

3. Simple bone cyst in the left mandibular ramus

A small simple bone cyst is present in the posterior left mandibular ramus. The radiographic findings that support this diagnosis are the delicately corticated periphery, the surrounding bone appearance that is suggestive of a prior simple bone cyst that has involuted, and the general absence of effect of the entity on the surrounding structures. A mild amount of buccolingual expansion is present around the simple bone cyst. This entity should be periodically radiographically monitored.

4. Cervical degenerative joint disease

Osteophytes are present on the articulating surfaces of the Atlas and the dens. Subchondral sclerosis is also present in the articulating regions. These findings are suggestive of mild cervical degenerative joint disease, which is an incidental finding in the context of dentistry.

Region 48B is nondiagnostic in this scan

The presence of patient movement and heavy metallic streak artifacts has rendered the buccal aspect of the crown and root of tooth 48 nondiagnostic. It is not possible to make a definitive diagnosis regarding the status of the tooth and bone in this region.