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Case 18065

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Canaray 18065

1. Malformed odontome between roots of teeth 42 and 43

A malformed odontome is present between the roots of teeth 42 and 43. The follicle surrounding the crown of the odontome appears normal. The crown of the tooth is buccally positioned in the mandibular alveolar process between the root apices of teeth 42 and 43. The small root of the odontome is positioned at the lingual aspect of the mandibular alveolar process. No root resorption is present on teeth 42 and 43, but the roots of these teeth have been slightly splayed by the odontome.

2. Periapical cemental dysplasia apical to teeth 43 and 44

A mature focus of periapical cemental dysplasia is present approximately 4mm apically to the roots of teeth 43 and 44. The radiographic features that support this diagnosis are the dense amorphous central structure, the semi-radiolucent broad rim, and the sclerotic periphery. This is an incidental finding that does not require any treatment.