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Case 183327

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Troublesome / painful / cracked tooth (Endodontic)

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R mandible

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Canaray 183327

1. Benign odontogenic cystic neoplasm in right posterior mandible

A well-defined, corticated, unilocular radiolucency is present within the right posterior mandible, which extends from the retromolar area to the apical region of tooth 46 and from the alveolar crest to the inferior mandibular cortex. The contiguous buccal and lingual cortical plates demonstrate endosteal scalloping, thinning, and mild evidence of buccolingual expansion, but appear to remain intact. The right mandibular nerve canal exhibits an irregular course and is inferolingually displaced. Mild apical root resorption is noted on teeth 46 and 47.

This radiographic appearance is suggestive of a benign odontogenic cystic neoplasm. The possibilities of an odontogenic keratocyst or an ameloblastoma should be considered. Biopsy and histopathologic evaluation are indicated for a definitive diagnosis.

Orthogonal measurements of radiolucency in right posterior mandible

These orthogonal cross-sectional images demonstrate the approximate dimensions of the radiolucent lesion within the right posterior mandible.