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Case 234606

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Left posterior mandible

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Canaray 234606

Progressively enlarging and deminishing lesion in posteior left mandible

The prior scan (Canaray case 205477, dated 18 July 2018, shown in redscale), was overlaid on the current scan (shown in greyscale). The zones of light grey bone formation represent regions of reparative bone formation in the time interval between scans. In particular, bone formation is visible in the region buccal and apical to tooth 36, and at the posterior border of the lesion at site 38. However, multiple zones of dark red bone are visible in the overlaid scans, which are present regions of progressive enlargement of the lesion. In particular, the periapical regions of teeth 36 and 37 exhibit enlargement, and the lesion exhibits a multilocular appearance that extends from sites 35 to 38, which suggests that the lesion remains active, and will continue to enlarge over time.