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Case 248642

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Right angle of mandible

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Canaray 248642

Post-surgical changes noted in posterior right mandible

The prior scan (Canaray case 48169, dated 30 December 2013, shown in redscale) was superimposed over the current scan (shown in greyscale). The areas of dark red bone demonstrate regions that have diminished in size over time. The areas of grey bone demonstrate areas that have formed in the time interval between the scans. Overall, the size of the anterior ramus has decreased. The lingual mandibular foramen has increased in size. A persistent defect is present between the lingual foramen and the anterior border of the ramus. The overall radiographic appearance is suggestive of a healed post-surgical appearance of the mandible. However, it is not possible to definitively radiographically determine whether the enlargement of the lingual mandibular foramen is secondary only to a history of surgery or whether any pathology is present in this region. A radiographic follow-up in one year is recommended to determine whether any bone changes are occurring in this region.

Orthogonal views of posterior right mandible without overlays

These orthogonal cross-sectional images demonstrate the current appearance of the posterior right mandibular ramus without any overlays. Note the enlarged mental foramen, as well as the defect that extends from the anterior border of the ramus to the lingual foramen. The lingula is also prominent.