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Ontario: No more walk-ins!

Please use the new online referral system from now onwards. Paper forms and walk-ins are no longer accepted 🙁 . PATIENTS: if you have one of our old paper forms, please take a photo of it and email it to We will reply with a link from our new system. Do not walk-in to any clinic.

Our services
CBCT scan
From small field high resolution endodontic scans to full skull scans for orthognathic surgery, and everything in between. The scan data is available online at the same time it is acquired. Amazingly, we are finishing the reports in a week right now! The raw data is available online immediately.
$175 - $350
Our panoramic images include a report by an oral radiologist. The panoramic image is available online at the same time it is acquired. Reports are completed in about a week. The images are available online immediately.
$65 ea
Our cephalometric images include a report by an oral radiologist. For a limited time, every lateral ceph ordered also comes with a complimentary Steiner's tracing! The image is available online at the same time it is acquired. Reports and tracings are completed in about 1 week.
$65 ea
Digital impressions
Full color impressions for full color planning. All our impressions are available online for download within 1 day, and are downloadable in multiple formats, such as color .ply and regular .stl
$85 per arch
Clinical photos
Clinical photos that will satisfy the requirements for orthodontic photography or treatment records. Our images are made according to ABO standards.
$65 per set
Surgical guides
When you need a good guide quickly and want to be sure it fits every time, Canaray is the place to get it. We use biocompatible certified materials on Stratasys printers, generate full color models for fit checking, and only use genuine sleeves.
$250 base per arch + $50 per site
Digital Labwork
If you're going to do a Straumann fully guided surgery, and will need a custom healing abutment or an immediate temporary restoration, we can help. We offer genuine anodized Straumann custom abutments milled in-house for the price of a Ti-base!
$110 custom abutment
3D face scans
To produce the dental diagnostic results of tomorrow, we need to start collecting the 3D data of tomorrow. All Canaray patients receive a 3D facial scan at no charge with all imaging services.
Would you like a Canaray report for your CBCT and plain films? Please log in to submit your data for reporting.
Our new system is launching this month 🚀

We will be contacting each dentist individually to make sure the transition goes smoothly, and also to show you all the new case presentation and treatment planning tools we have built for you.

Secure case data
By upgrading our system to require everyone to login to the Canaray website to access patient data, many new case features have become accessible that were not possible via email, such as secure messaging and case sharing.

To get the most out of the latest case features available , Canaray recommends that you use Google Chrome as your browser
8 June 2020
Referral system update
Our existing referral system was built for a much simpler time, and everyone has outgrown it. We've spent a lot of time rebuilding it to be easier to use, provide patients with much more information upfront (such as pricing quotes, insurance pre-auths, and more booking choices), and better case status tracking for dentists.

Also, we're re-introducing customized paper referral forms that are linked to your account, for everyone that prefers paper referrals. The new forms will be available for every Canaray clinic.
8 June 2020
File transfer + messaging
We needed a secure messaging system that works for dental professionals. Email is not as efficient as messaging, and generally not as secure. But messengers like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and iMessage are not designed with patient privacy or clinician needs in mind. So we built a messenger that is native to all platforms: iOS, Android, Mac, and PC (as well as available on the web). Simple. Fast. Secure. Free!

We also have rolled in the ability for everyone to securely share large files inside our messaging system. No need for dropbox or wetransfer.
8 June 2020
Voxel 3D Viewer and Canaray Folio
Canaray Voxel is a full-featured and powerful CBCT viewer that works directly in the browser. Plus, it's the world's fastest loading online CBCT viewer, with proprietary technology that permits scans to load quickly even on wireless or mobile connections. This is the platform for us to deliver the radiology of tomorrow. Our reporting system has been completely redesigned to take advantage of this new technology, and we hope you like the new reports as much as we do!
8 June 2020