Submit CBCT for a report

We bill submitters for our services

We do not bill patients or 3rd party dentists that referred patients to your imaging facility for imaging. We only establish a relationship with the party that is submitting the report request (i.e you). Please enter your contact information below:

Please be specific

If you want a report with dental implants in it, please choose "Dental implants" from the referral category, or write "Implant planning for teeth 34-44" in the referral details.

We will make a report for whatever you submit

Please note that Canaray does not reject any poor-quality image submissions. We will report it even if it's unreadable or missing the requested region of interest, and will bill you the full reporting fee. It is up to you to verify that the quality of the images you submit are diagnostic and that the requested regions are adequately captured.

By proceeding with this order, you are acknowledging that you accept full responsibility for all image quality issues, and that if you resubmit another image of different quality, it will be treated as a new report and will also be billed the full reporting fee.