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Before applying, please read the Canaray Manifesto to see if you are a good fit for our work culture

TitleRadiologist Assistant
LocationCanaray Headquarters
SubtitleDental Radiologist technical assistant
Job DescriptionAbout Us: At Canaray, we put a lot of effort into doing the right thing. We have no salespeople, no upselling, no forced or coerced treatments, nothing of that nature...We simply do what's best for the patient. Over the past few years, we have become victims of our own success, and find ourselves overworked, exhausted, and frantically trying to keep up with the ever-increasing workload, which entails reporting CBCT scans from facilities across the country. We also operate 7 imaging clinics in the GTA.

About you: Seeking individuals with exceptional command of the English language and a keen ability to learn new things to perform tasks related to radiology reports. This position won't work well for anyone that needs a lot of direct supervision. Our preferred management technique is to only hire self-motivated individuals that do not need to constantly be told to put a cell phone away or to be micromanaged. Experience or educated in: Anthropology, Dental, Pre-dental, human anatomy, medical sciences is preferred.

About the Job: Working at Canaray is very different than other dental environments in several ways: We don't have dental chairs at any of our offices, because we only perform imaging. We prefer walk-ins over appointments. We never hassle anyone to come to us. Our pricing is published on our website and is transparent and fair. Our headquarters is very much like a quiet library environment or a computer lab, where everyone works at their own workstation.

About the work environment: If you enjoy learning new things on computers, you will find working at Canaray easy. However, you should know in advance that our work environment is fast-paced, and we have opted to dispense with the unnecessary banter when discussing errors and criticisms, and instead cut right to the chase. We have found that having a work environment with minimal talking and more straightforward interactions with each other has reduced things like office gossip to a negligible level.

In Conclusion: It's not for everyone, but for anyone looking for a change of pace, perhaps consider Canaray.

If we have piqued your interest, please take a few minutes to visit or read the Canaray Manifesto (Google it), and if that hasn't scared you off, please send us an eloquently written note about what you're looking for in terms of work.

Currently seeking individuals for Canaray Mississauga Clinic and Canaray Headquarters.

Starting hourly wage$16.00
Work days and timesFull time, shifts rotate and include weekend/evenings
date of posting2017-08-01
TitleOral Radiologist - Full time - IMMEDIATE
LocationCanaray Mississauga
SubtitleWe need oral radiologists to help us cope with our burgeoning reporting caseload
Job DescriptionAre you an oral radiologist that would like to join Canaray full-time? We have an ever-increasing caseload, and could really use your help with reporting. We have a unique reporting system that we feel is cutting-edge and is constantly evolving to produce the best we are capable of. If being part of a radiology group that takes pride in the quality of every single report that leaves our facilities sounds like something you see yourself doing, please get in touch! Please note that this is a full-time position only. There are no part-time posts at Canaray, and we do not permit any of our radiologists to work outside of Canaray or to perform any non-radiology work. However, if our past experience is anything to go on, we can assure you will have your hands full every single day from day one.
Starting hourly wageplease contact us
Work days and timesM-F 9:45am-6:45pm, 2 Saturdays per month 9:30am-5:30pm : Flat daily rate during initial work period. Switch to fee for service when your average reporting speed and quality exceeds the flat rate
date of posting2016-04-28