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Case 251217

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Canaray 251217

Extensive osteolytic lesion in right maxilla: Immediate medical referral is highly recommneded

The right posterior maxillary alveolar process demonstrates extensive lytic bone loss involving the entire maxillary alveolar process. The lesion extends to erode the maxillary sinus walls, and the lateral wall of the right nasal fossa wall is lost. The portion of the right maxillary sinus captured in this imaging volume is opacified with the soft tissue mass. The superior aspect of the lateral wall of the right maxilla has been eroded. Periosteal bone formation along this remaining bone plate is noted. Soft tissue extension of the lesion is noted into the buccal space and palate.

These radiographic findings are most suggestive of an aggressive tumour or malignancy within the right posterior maxilla, which involves the maxillary sinus or originates from the maxillary sinus. Medical referral for an additional medical CT scan is highly recommended.

Pseudo soft tissue window: soft tissue mass

CBCT is not the ideal imaging modality for visualization of soft tissue structures. However, these orthogonal cross-sectional images in a pseudo soft tissue window demonstrate that, based on what can be visualized, there is a soft tissue mass at the within the maxillary sinus, which extends to the buccal space and right palate.